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I really do miss LJ. There have been so many events that I haven't written down here that I surely will forget.

And with the latest Naruto chapter, I definitely miss it more than usual. I'm severely tempted to dump all my thoughts about it in here, for old times' sake, and maybe as motivation to get back to journaling.I know I won't regret it. But tiiiime.

There's tumblr, and exam season coming up. I'm working on a script. And I've got a job >_< Plus, it's six weeks until we leave, so I really should start studying Japanese again. I was rather horrified yesterday when I remembered so little of my kanji. On the other hand, it's not like I'll need to write a whole lot while I*m there. But I suppose I still need to fresh up what I know.

Ugh. I need more time. But it's only a short month till summer, some of the pressure should be off by then. So maybe I'll come back.

Lj is SO DIFFERENT though. And the editor fails at life, I think that's where I started to feel fed up with the whole thing, because augh, I can't update my list of stuff.

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